2 Years




... had her first SLR-Kamera already with 14 years. Since then I was taking pictures of
everything showing up in front of the lens. After earning my first money I bought a
Canon 1000 NF, using it for a long time. After my friend started with digital photography,
I was also getting interested in it. First trying with his QV-3500 EX, i soon bought my
Sigma SD9 - und my passion for fotography is getting bigger and bigger. My newest
Camera is now a Canon 20D - with which I hope to take even more exciting pictures.

Of course I was early asked to make photos of weddings, birthdays and so on for my family
and friends. But most of all I always liked to take pictures of  nature, as landscapes,
animals or plants.

I also would welcome any comment or rating to my photos. Enjoy it!


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09 Nov, 2007