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...was until 1999 a Hobbyfilmer. After various filmprojects containing serveral highlights as the recording of one of the seldom Space-Shuttle starts during night-time in Florida as well as the total  Suneclipse in Hungary, I got, with the introduction of the first digital photocameras, more and more intrested in digital photography. Since 1999 I am a Hobbyphotograf who is working only with Digtalcameras. During my long journeys through half of the world, partially up to 10 km above the pyreenes, partialy 30 m below the watersurface i collected experience in the following arts of photography:

Landscapephotography, Journeyphotography, Actionphotography, Weddingphotography, Architecturephotography, Portaitphotography, Aktphotograpye, Naturephotography, Macrofotografie,  Productfotografie, Eventphotography, Stil-Life, IR-Photography, UV-Photography, Kirilian-Photography, Astrophotography,  Cave and UW-Photography

On my Journeys I was accompanied by the following Cameras:

Simple (P&S) Cameras: Olympus 830 C-L, Olympus C21, Casio QV-3500EX, Casio QV-4000, Sony DSC-F717, Konica Minolta Dimage X1
DSLR Cameras: Canon EOS 300D(Digital Rebel), Canon EOS 20 D

The aim of this Gallery should be to illustrate the work of my past years. From over 80.000 photos I will pick the most interesting ones, which over time will fill more and more this Gallery. Also I would like to put newer projects straight in to the gallery. So it makes sense to have a look more often into this gallery.

What I like most ist the possibility for the visitor to rate and to comment the pictures he enjoys most. This kind of feedback from the visitor to the photographer is for me very valuable and I enjoy every informational Critic. And I am very happy if get a honest feedback if you like this pictures. If you want to browse only through my pictures it is possible to click on my photo or my name and you get only my photos. But in general I would recommend you to use the link on the main page.

Thank you, for taking the time to look at the photos. I hope you follow me to my paradise of pictures where I would like to show you things you probably have never seen this way....


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09 Nov, 2007