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5.11.2007 - several months no updates on our webpage - What happend to us?

After being affected bei Nature- and other Catastrophes we have a very busy Year behind us. But fortunatly everything bad has also a good side and so we are very pleased to announce that we could finish the work on our Photostudio. Yep finally we do have our own Studio. With this we have now 20m2 which we can use to take shots of people in a comfortable environment even in the cold time of the year.  This means we have now anytime and independant of any Weatherforecast a great location for portait and other peoplephotos. There we are the masters of light and shadows. Detailed information about our Photostudio you can find  -> here <-. It should be perhaps also mentioned, if you are living close to us, there is a posibility to get nice Photos taken for free. Unfortunatly the details are currently only avaible in German. You can find them -> here <-.

Up until the end of the year 2006 we did have only 20.000 Visitors on our Homepage, now 1 year later we have already more than 85.000 Visitor already in our Gallery. For us, this is sensational! We hope not only to welcome soon the 100.000 Guest but also that we can put up several hundred new pictures up, which we took this year. We would like to thank all the people who visited us regularly during this time.


22.02.2007:*** 2 Years - www.digital-photos.at

...and now in a complete new design ***

Unfortunately it took much longer than we expected, but now finally we are able to present our site in a new design.  www.digital-photos.at was not only compleatly redesigned, but with this it is also prepared for the future! Sure we used the time in between and invested a lot in new technology, so that we are able to deliver also in future high quality solutions.

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