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29.10.2006 - *** wwwelcome to a new dimension in photography...*** Yes, Ladies and Gentleman! Those, who enabled the GIF-Animation on his browser, are now able to see it with their own eyes. Our Pictures are since beginning of this year, also partially taken in 3D. In near Future, we will present a own page, describing in detail how to view our 3D-Pictures. There are lots of 3D Formats and until now already several 3D enabled screens. We decided currently to support the easiest and cheapest solutions for our guests, so you can view our 3D Photos in monochrom with red-cyan glasses. For the yellow-blue glasses we have also Full Color photos in our Gallery. Where the Full Color 3D Photos, look pretty cool! For all the people who don't have this nice yellow-blue 3D-Glasses at home, we can organize you some, if you like. And so that you can get an imagination what you are missing, we added at the top of this page this flipping picture. For this picture no 3D-Glasses are needed, in opposite to the other photos in the Gallery.

Because of many private problems, we did not find enough time to keep this gallery up to date, as we would have liked to. But we hope that up until end of this year we could make up a little bit for the lost time.
New Photos - new Optics - new technology, as usual we took every effort to also be able to take this year some great photos, which we will put online during the next weeks.
Here we would also like to thank all our Visitiors, which stayed in touch with us all through the year!
Never in the past, our popularity has been bigger than now! Over 20.000 Guests from over 80 Countries Worldwide visited our Gallery! Last year from January until October we had an average of Visitors from 48 Countries per month. This year our average is already 70 countries! This means that every month we get in an average visitors from 70 Countries! You can imagine, this success is really gigantic for our private Photogallery!

23.2.2006 - *** This year the second time already !!!
www.digital-photos.at again BREAKS the TIMEBARRIER *** Begin of this Year the Sensation was perfect, Photos worldwide avaible a few seconds after the take.  But now we will even top this sensation. The Pictures from the Album "INSTANT-Fotos" (Only this!) could from now on be instantly used by other persons or companies. Only one very low price which is also interesting for privat persons, download direct and immediatly possible. Easy Usage! Details could be obtained simply by accessing "Instant Photos" from the initial Page.

Our popularity increases constantly and we are happy to inform you this time that we had only in January thousands of visitors from 68(!) countries worldwide. For us it is unbelievable and we are very proud of this, so we surely will try even harder to give our best.
So what's new this time? As probably most people already recognised also Susanne got an own Album for her Instantphotos, so she is also in the testing phase with it. This means we have now two albums and you get more instant photos, than ever!

9.1.2006 - *** www.digital-photos.at finally BREAKS the TIMEBARRIER *** A new year has startet! And right at the beginning of the new year we are proud to announce a sensation for our Gallery. As some people already recognised, starting with this year we have a new album, right at the end of the overview called "Instant Photos", which now is currently in the testing phase. So what will you find there? This is a new project established by Roman and the album will contain eXtremly actual photos. So what do we understand, under eXtrem actual pictures? Photos as you know them from the Newspapers, which is from the day before, or maybe even pictures from the same day as known from the televesion? NO, we publish our pictures for the first time INSTANTLY! There will be added some text to these photos and they are immediately published in our Gallery. And we are talking here really about immediately, this means from the photo to the picture, which you can see worldwide, it takes a few seconds or a few minutes at the maximum!!! Unfortunatly to gain this actuality we have to reduce the picturequality. So the original quality & resolution is the same as you can see it in our Gallery. But of course most of the time we have also pictures in much better quality, but they will be preprocessed and published after some time. So if you want to see some actual Photos from various Regions in Austria, I would recommend you this new Album. And once more we give our visitors the possibility to accompany us on our hunt for the best picturers.

We promised last year that your www. digital-photos.at will become this year even better, and we try everything to keep our promise. So what else happend the begin of this year here?
The News from 2005 have moved to an own page, if you are interested, you can find the news from last year through the "2005" link. Also we have upgraded our Gallery to the most recent Version. With this we are prepared for new developments, the future might bring. Lot's of our Albums have profited from this move and in lot of them you can now see more photos, as thematical pictures are now showed additionaly, based on a new selection( e.g.: winter, autumn, sunset,..), so just have a look inside!!

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