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IMG_429719.12.2005 - *** 1 YEAR www.digital-photos.at ***  And once again we are celebrating! Over 13.000 Visitors from all over the World have visited during this one year our Gallery, which now has grown to over 1300 Photos. More than 28.000 Hits we have registered on our pictures. We got more than 120 comment and over 190 Pictures were rated,  lots of them more then once. For us a proof, that people are interested in our photograph's.

Starting one year ago, we did not think about such an success. In our dreams we had some hundreds of visitors after one year, well the reality showed us we had a few thousands of visitors...
People being interessted in Photographies, Vehicles, Animals, Humans, Plants and other topics visited us, some of them even regulary. We would like to thank all of you, which  stayed with us during the year. A special thanks goes to all who helped us in this year, whether they telled us where to find possibilites for great photos or which allowed us to take pictures of their valuable possesions. And also to all the people who supported us with their knowledge during this year or who informed us of some small mistakes. Without this, lots of photos would have been unnamed, some texts would be wrong. And last but not least a big thank you to THE Person, which protected and monitored our Server during our long absence.


19.9.2005 - *** HOOREY *** As some people already recognised, we could welcome this weekend already the 10.000 Visitor! So we decided to celebrate this special event. We also see, that we become more and more popular, as we had up until the 19th of this month more visits, than regulary within a whole month. Of course we are very happy about this!

Nevertheless this doesn't mean to us, we should stop here. No, with the second half of this year we are planning to continue our work. And this doesn't mean we will just upload some more pictures. But more details to this you will find here shortly. So don't forget to visit us again, for the latest updates!

9.8.2005 - Finally back from our holidays! There we have been driving about 5500 km through Europe. During our journey we took about 11.000 new Photos (This is approx. 80Gb of Data!) So we have lots of new Wildlife Photos, eXtreme Macros of Dragonflies, Spiders and other interesting insects and lots of nice landscape pictures. We are glad that this time we had the possibility to take lots of great birdphotos. In order to take all this pictures we went kilometers under the hottest sun, had to walk through icecold water, and also to climb up some mountains. We are looking forward to present here in our Gallery the best of our pictures in the near future. Of course we are also working on our existing huge archive in order to present the most interesting pictures from there.
A big "Thank you" to our Co-Admin Martin, who was taking care of our system during our absence! He was removing spam all the time as well as he was there to support our guests in case they have any questions..

12.6.2005 - We have now more than 1000 photos in our online-gallery which have been viewed already over 16500 times from more than 8400 visitors from all over the world! Recently we received some questions about our photos, which we would like to answer here in general for all our visitors. Some of our guests asked if we crop this pictures or just resize from the original format. All our pictures are resized from the original format, only a few are additionally croped, to get rid of some unwanted pictureelements on the sides. This means our eXtreme Macros are really very huge, when seen in the original size. They are not croped to 640x480 as you can see them on some other photo sites. We use for our pictures the best macrooptics you can buy today. This means we could deliver these pictures also in the breathtaking original size as you can see on our "technical info page"! Also we have been asked regarding the eye of the Dragonfly if we kill, ice or catch these animals, before we can take so amazing pictures of them? NO, none of these animals had to suffer any pain for these pictures. (In opposite to the photographers who had to suffer lot of pain, due to the uncomfortable positions sometimes needed to take these extreme pictures!) But we even go further: all our wildlife & insect photos are of living animals that have been done without taking the animals out of their natural environment. Our aim is not to change anything in their natural life for our pictures. Regarding our guestbook we received lately mostly spam, so we decided to check our guestbook-entries before they go public. We tried several months to allow direct entries, but unfortunatly it does not work!
And last but not least we are proud to announce that we go multilingual!!! This means we start to translate our texts in our gallery also to other languages like french, spain, italian, czech. We appreciate every help and we are also happy about any comments if you find, that we have misspelled some text. Thank you! Note that untranslated texts will still be seen in english/german up until we will translate it to the appropriate language. See below our textual photoindex in the languages we currently support or started to build up:!

English photoindex

German photoindex

French photoindex

Spanish photoindex

Czech photoindex

10.4.2005 - There are already more than 800 photos in our online-gallery which have been viewed already over 11500 times from more than 6300 visitors from all over the World! Our record was reached in March, where we had more than 270 Vistiors at once in our Gallery. Our statistic from march shows us also we had visitors from 57 countries from around the world.
Now we added a forum, where registered users can write general questions or comments to our Gallery. We've now created a category for human, cave and also for food photos. We would like to thank all the people who gave us a feedback to our photos, we have already 115 from our visitors rated photos. Also we would like specialy to thank our Visitor with the Nickname "A. Gauthier" who went through all our dragon/damselfly and butterfly photos and helped us, as he identified lots of them with their scientific names. You can see the lot of comments from him, within the gallery, as a proof of his great work! His work is of big value to us! We, as photographers, are always happy if we are able to present our visitors the correct scientifical name to an animal or plant. If any of our Visitors recognize that we didn't name or didn't correctly name an photo, please don't hesitate to add a comment to the picture if you know the appropriate name. Thank you!!

5.2.2005 - Now we have already more than 500 photos in the online-gallery which have been viewed already over 4300 times from more than 1400 visitors from all over the World!
We had lot's of modifications last week on our side. I would like to start with the ability to listen to the internet radio stations, while enjoying our photos. Please be aware that because of the incompatibilities between the browsers it is possible that it does not work for you, also lot's of companies filter these internet radio stations.
You have now also lots of online-stats on the main page, so you don't feel alone any more while visiting our online gallery, you can see there information, like how many users have been active during the last hour. Also you can see how many users have been active today and how many users have been active since the beginning of counting, where we count users which are active several times during 24-hours only once! You also can see when we reached  a record of the most users active at once.

Hotlinks, when you for Example click on the shark on the left you get directly to the gallery, where you can see the shark in detail, this works also with text, as an example with this following

textbased Photoindex

link you get directly to the appropriate page. Also new is the possibilty to select in the detail view of a photo related images which are connected to the current photo as for example displaying the same theme or taken by the same photographer or with the same camera. We got lot's of request for a home button in the gallery, ok here it is! In "about us" you can find also some text related to the gallery and there are also hotlinks used, so if you click for example on the name or the picture of the photographer you get only pictures created by him.


Also you can find here some photos of Insects which are on an Redlist of endangerd species which means you find them already seldom in the nature like the

Beautiful Demoisele


5.1.2005 - Currently we upload about 10-20 new pictures per day + we have a SPLIT UP in ENGLISH/GERMAN Text

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