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These photos will be worldwide avaible a few seconds after the shot was taken. This means these photos are extremely actual, more actual than somebody could see in other media like in the newspapers or in television. If a photo is taken on 25th January 2006 at 9:01 am, mostly the picture can also be seen worldwide on the  25th January 2006 at  9:01 am!

Since the beginning of this year you can find within our gallery an album with Instant Photos, where they are called like this and additionaly you can find at the end the name of the photographer who made this photos.

This pictures are limited in size and quality, nevertheless for webusage they are very usefull as mostly these pictures are used with an small size. The quality of the pictures could be simply seen within our gallery.

We are just photographers, as artists we show the world as we see it and clearly we are not a newspage or similar. But we think, it could be that other pages, could use our Instant Photos, to illustrate their news. Because of this we offer our photos during our testphase for unbelievable € 5,--. We are sure with this low price also our pictures could be interesting for private people. For the amount you get a timely unlimited usage of the ordered picture on a single webpage. You get NO exclusive rights and the rights on the usage are not transferable to others, you are not allowed to sell/license our pictures to others! If you use our pictures you have also to show in a readable form the source (www.digital-photos.at) as well as the name of the photographer who is the copyrightowner of the picture. As the instant photos do have a newsquality in Austria, everybody has to check for his purpose and in his country the legal usage of this photos. Any usage against your local laws is strictly prohibited. If needed the user has to remove any visible logos or recognisable people. For the contract between the photographer and the user only Austrian rights are valid. The photographer should not be held reliable for any difiiculties arrising because of the usage or wrong usage of his photographs!

Before the first usage a e-mail is necessary, which should at least contain the following informations: album, filename (Could be obtained below the picture if you first click on the infobutton  above the photo) as well as the page/address where the picture should be used. After you got an acknowledge from us, you can immediatly download the photo from our gallery and use it on the mentioned page. The amount of € 5,-- should be transfered to our account we sent you back in our response at the latest on the next working day in your country.

Once we are regulary in contact with you, and you use our pictures more often, there is then no need to wait for our answer just send us an info as mentioned above. The amount of € 5,-- should be also transfered to our account the next working day in your country..


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