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This gallery is  officialy reachable through the internet under the adress "www.digital-photos.at" since the 3.1.2005. The aim of this Gallery is to present the photographic works of the two hobbyphotographers Susanne Kogler & Roman Pavlat.

The registration inside this Gallery is for free and gives you currently the benefit of beeing able to personaly comment the photos and also to arrange your favorite photos for quicker viewing. It is not possible to create own Galleries or upload your own pictures.

A special feature of this gallery is the abillity to rate pictures according to your personal taste and also to see the ratings of other people on a per picture base.
The pictures are sorted based on groups like animals, flowers,... and their subcategories. It is also possible to view the photos in chronological order where the last uploaded picture is presented as the first one. Also you can, as mentioned before, view the already rated pictures, where you start with the best rated pictures. In the gallery you are also able just to display the user-commented photos. Finally there is also an important functionallity which allows you to search the pictures based on the title, description or tags. You can also see the tags and their usage count on the search page.

When viewing one picture in detail, it is possible to use the info-button to get additional information to the photo currently displayed. There is the possibility to click on the related images which shows you all related (same topic, same photographer, same Camera) photos. Also the tags for this picture are displayed as an additional information, you can click one of these to see all photos with this identical tag.

The main page contains some statistical data, like how many users have been active during the last hour. Also you can see how many users have been active today and how many users have been active since the beginning of counting, where we count users which are active several times during 24-hours only once! You also can see when we reached  a record of the most users active at once.

The main menu, the "links" menu (currently avaible only in german!) and also the Gallery contains now external links. Using our external links(only our!) to buy something from these companies, makes you also a sponsor of this fine Gallery and with this also you help us to produce more of this fantastic photos. We decided to choose only links from companies we know, use or would like to use. They are entirely choosen by us. Also we took some companies which produce good and cheap prints from your digital photos. If you wanted to order something through the internet, why not use our links? Then you make three people happy from only one order! ;-)

This gallery contains in general the following kind of photos:

Landscapephotography, Journeyphotography, Actionphotography, Architecturephotography, Naturephotography, Macrofotografie, Productfotografie, Eventphotography, Stil-Life, IR-Photography, UV-Photography,  Astrophotography,  Cave and UW-Photography

For people connected through a slow connection we have created a

textbased Photoindex

which we are continuing to complete, which allows you to go directly to a photo, without having to load any other pictures. Please be aware that there are also some photos listed from private galleries, which are not accessible for you.


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